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Avocus Publishing

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5.5 x 8.5
153 pages

Casualties of Privilege: Essays on Prep Schools' Hidden Culture

Louis Crosier, Editor

No book has had more influence on our understanding of the challenges facing boarding schools than Louis Crosier's seminal collection of student observations on their experiences in independent schools. The book is as provocative and relevant as it was when Avocus first published it in 1991. Drinking, drugs, and sex; friendship, trust, and loyalty - the other side of the prep school experience is presented with stark candor by recent graduates of the nation's most prestigious preparatory schools. These revealing, often startling essays set the stage for honest discussion of the boarding schools' responsibility to the student's emotional and moral education.

ISBN: 0-9627671-0-7
Stock No. 07
Paperback $14.95


"An explosive little book about prep school life.... heartfelt testimony to the turbulence of adolescence complicated by today's daunting temptations and perils."

John Koch
The Boston Globe

"We must take seriously Crosier's observation- 'nights can provide a long and active hidden curriculum'."

Deirdre A. Ling, Head
Middlesex School

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