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Avocus Publishing

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5.5 x 8.5
153 pages

Healthy Choices, Healthy Schools: The Residential Curriculum

Louis Crosier, Editor

With Healthy Choices, Healthy Schools, Crosier began the Avocus tradition of providing resources for residential schools looking for solutions to problems that ultimately are opportunities for change and growth. Healthy Choices, Healthy Schools reminds us that boarding schools must be nurtured as communities in which educators and students alike learn how to live and thrive together. Proven systems and strategies for enhancing program effectiveness highlight this focused guidebook to successful boarding school operations. Effective monitoring, gender issues, multiculturalism, staffing and rooming are just some of the topics addressed in this solution-oriented book.

ISBN: 0-9627671-1-5
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"I feel as if I've just finished good conversations with 22 professional friends. Healthy Choices, Healthy Schools, like its predecessor Casualties of Privilege, challenges readers to confront the 'unmentionables' in residential communities - drugs, drinking, racism, anorexia, homosexuality - in this book, we are also offered models for more trusting, supportive environments. If you are a boarding school teacher, coach, administrator, or student leader this book will give you significant pointers on how to do a better job educating and affirming all members of your 24-hour community."

Heather Hoerle
Associate Director
NAIS Boarding Schools

"If the young people attending our nation's boarding schools are to engage, in a serious way, fundamental questions about who they are and where they are going; and, fi they are to discover, perhaps for the first time, the real sacrifices and satisfactions associated with responsible living, then boarding schools are going to have to get serious about shedding some honest light on their 'hidden curriculum.' Casualties of Privilege threw open the shutter; Healthy Choices, Healthy Schools begins to show the way. Excellent!"

Ed Shanahan
President and Head
Choate Rosemary Hall

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